Introduction: was founded in 2003 by Dutch entrepeneur Marcel Piers. Marcel currently still is working as founding member and director of Company. is focussing its expertise and collections on a limited number of interests. You can see these categories back in our productmenu (see ” Gallery & Shop” ).

There are antiques and there are Antiques”

this goes the same for paintings and Paintings; It takes time and expertise to develop a good understanding between fine Arts and average work. Building this insight is a lives work, in full progress in our company.
With this exstensive expertise, we can help you bring home real quality works, just for for you and your family to enjoy. Work without the risk of a bad investment. Work that retains its value. Work that continues to increase in value. For you to enjoy, day in, day out, in your own house. was founded in 2003 and has been providing fine arts and antiques to the public from this moment on. Located in Haarlem, the Netherlands, employs 2 employees, backed up by a network of skilled repairmen with a keen eye in restoring work to its former quality.”

A true antique is an item perceived as having value because of its aesthetic or historical significance, and often defined as at least 100 years old, although the term is often used loosely to describe any object that is old.

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