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    And more to come..

    In the past centuries an incredible number of beautiful objects have been made. These beautiful works of art, whether fine art paintings on canvas or oak, silver statues, bronze statues or wooden furniture, are worth cherishing, collecting and enjoying to the fullest.

    Art is in the eyes of the beholder.
    it is in the eye of this enjoyer of art, for we we put down this collection. For you to enjoy, maybe on a day to day basis at your home.

    The skilled artisans who made these are no longer upon us. Some of these objects required skills, practiced on a very high level to produce the results we see today. Some of the required skills have died out. others require lots of labour and or are impossible to replace with machines. Due to economics, only a dying breed of artistically skilled craftsmen who are less dependent on income are often still working in these crafts.

    So currently the skilled artisans responsible for this art are no longer upon us. These objects required a level of skills only achieved by daily practice. Practice to such a lvel of perfection, that is almost looks like a miracle. Besides this, the interest of the general public is moving away to “fit for purpose Products like made bij the famous firm from Sweden. It is often in the hearts of minds of people freed of the burden of earning daily wages and making ends meet, who develop a sense and love for collecting and preserving fine arts.

    We at focus on collecting, displaying and selling just these high quality Art and Antique items.